We are finally getting settled in our new home so I found a few minutes to sit down and express how much we appreciated your excellent service. After interviewing other realtors we were confident that we made the right choice in selecting you to list our home and, thankfully, we could not have been more right with this decision. We were so impressed by the fact that you took time on such short notice to come out and visit with us. Not only did you get to know us better and what we were looking for but it was obvious that you had our best interests in mind. This was evidenced by the fact that by the very next morning (which was a Sunday) we were already on the MLS system and there were already plans for an “agents day”. Sarah and I could not believe how seamless the whole process went. The fact that our house was “under contract” in six days was wonderful but the fact that you made sure someone was always at the house when the handyman was there, during their inspection or any other time was a real relief. Not having to take time from our sales jobs to be there ourselves was one thing but knowing that we had a professional there taking care of things for us was a real feeling of comfort. I think you may agree that there is probably no bigger worrier than I am and I appreciated the fact that you understood this and made sure I was up-to-date on everything that happened (even when nothing was happening). From your ability to negotiate the right price to the incredible level of personal service that you delivered I would not hesitate for a single moment to recommend your team to any of my colleagues, friends or family.